Jacob Ballas Capital represents a successful partnership of over a decade between its founders, the management team and shareholders. The shareholders include individuals who have a track record of building valuable businesses in Asia, professionals with deep industry experience, and one of the world’s largest life insurance companies.

Jacob Ballas Capital is 75% owned by its founders and management team consisting of Rajan Jetley, (former Chairman, Air India, and CEO of India Tourism Development Corporation), Excelfin Pte Limited, Singapore (promoted by B S Ong and David Ban, renowned Asian entrepreneurs in property, retail and lifestyle businesses), Srinivas Chidambaram (Managing Director), Sunil Chawla (Partner), Sandeep Goyal (Partner) and Anurag Kumar (Chief Financial Officer).

New York Life Investment Management LLC (“NYLIM”), an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company (“NYLIC”) has partnered the founders and management team as an institutional shareholder in Jacob Ballas Capital with a 25% stake. Established in 1845, NYLIC is one of the world’s largest life insurance companies and was ranked #86 among “Fortune-500” companies in 2012 and, through its investment management affiliate NYLIM, has USD 382* billion in assets under management. NYLIM is an integrated asset management enterprise serving a variety of sectors, namely retail, institutional, bundled defined contribution and defined benefit, and guaranteed products.

* As of April 30, 2013